I work long hours and when I come home, I hate to get up and exercise. I just want to sit on my couch and watch tv! What can I do?

Workout before job. Studies have shown that peole who are exercising in the morning tend to stay with their routine exercise more than those who exercise later in the day. Start rising 30 minutes earlier and do few minutes stretching and 20 minutes of workout dvd, or xbox or wii workout game. When you get home from work your daily exercise is done unless you feel like finishing the dvd.
"Just Do It" . That is a great question. Much of america needs to be asking. It is good that you are asking and you are likely to succeed. Do a little bit every day. Be consistent and build on yesterday. Make your goals and keep them in front of you. I recommend reading "the slight edge" from jeff olson. It is a good read and helped me with the same problem.
Make an AM habit... Exercising in the am will wake you up, influence your metabolism in a positive way by giving you more energy and will avoid you from skipping or missing the opportunity.
Daily activities. Make your daily activities more difficult - take the stairs, park further away, bike/ walk to work/ store, sit on a swiss ball/ at your desk and stand up every time you answer the phone, or lunge/ hop/ jump from place to place in your house. Things like these may seem small and silly, but the increased calorie burn can add up over time. Don't forget a healthy diet!