I'm never satisfied with how I look. But I love eating. What can I do?

Relationship with.. Food. Changing the way we relate to food, changes the way we eat. If you ask me if i would like a luscious piece of chocolate cake, i will focus on the texture and how fabulous it will taste in stead of thinking if I am really hungry or not. Giving ourselves a moment to think about this before helps, we can still enjoy food, but we change the awareness of it. It ceases to be an impulse.
Weight Concerns. The trick is to learn to eat foods you like that are good for you. Keeping your weight in the normal range will help you look well. Exercise will help to tone and tighten loose muscle groups. Focus more on proteins (meats, nuts, peas/beans), fruits and vegetables. Limit your starches, which may taste good, but wind up on your hips and thighs. Only buy foods you should eat and avoid snacks.
Small plate. Use a smaller plate when you eat this tricks your mind into thinking your satisfied, also eat slow don't scarf your food fast, it takes roughly 20 minutes after you start eating for you to have a satisfied feeling so eat what you want (pereferably healthy) but eat slow.