Can you give me some tips on sneaking in exercising on a daily basis?

Make realistic plan. I work all day, take care of 3 kids, run a house. I have a recumbant bike next to my computer. Alarm goes off, i hit snooze, pour coffee, alarm goes off, hit snooze, drink cofee, third time im up, on bike, checking email, moving fast 15 min. At the end, im awake and ready for the day. I never miss the sleep im convinced i might be missing. Its programmed and it works!
Think "active" There are many ways to improve exercise and activity in our daily routine. Some include: taking stairs, parking farther away, walking to your favorite lunch spot, walking to a co-worker instead of using the intercom, hand weights at your desk, stretching exercises when at your desk, or walking for exercise around your work during breaks or lunch. Just keep active!