How can I cope with my shame from premature ejaculation?

Shame. It is difficult but realize this is a common occurrence and not necessarily under your control. Consult a urologist for medical assistance. Best.
Shame. I'm sorry you're having this trouble. I have to presume that you haven't done anything about it yet? So there is much that can be offered. There are techniques that you can find online and if you have the ear of a concerned doc , should help , or therapist. I am emphasizing solving the problem. Then shame will go away. Shame is there because you have the problem. Luck.
Shame. Being able to communicate this openly with your partner will help, and seeking help from a sex therapist will also help. Premature ejaculation is very common, effects more people than you think, and with patience and open-mindedness can be effectively dealt with.
Talking with partner. Premature ejaculation (pe) is treatable by a doctor. However, with or without treatment, a person with pe should be at the stage in a relationship where he can talk with his partner about his problem, before engaging in sex. If the relationship is at that stage, his partner should be understanding. A doctor can help find out if other psychological factors are part of the problem.