I urinate a lot at night, as a man, what could this be?

It depends. The symptom of urinating a lot at night is called nocturia, which could be a symptom of different conditions including: high blood sugar or diabetes, an enlarged prostate, or drinking too much fluids before bedtime. It is always best to see your primary care doctor for further evaluation of this symptom.
Three Main Causes. 1. Overactive bladder, from several secondary causes (nerve problems, prostate problems, infection, bladder irritants) or just plain oab. 2. Overall increased urine production (diabetes, diuretics, brain injury etc.). 3. Increased nighttime urine production (sleep apnea, age, fluid retention). Management focuses on finding an underlying problem. In true oab, medicines to calm the bladder are used.
Early onset diabetes. If you are overweight or have a family hx of diabetes, early signs of diabetes can be increased urinary frequency, not necessarily at night.
It depends. Many older men experience enlargement of the prostate. An enlarged prostate can give symptoms such as getting up to urinate frequently at night (known as "nocturia"). While often it is a benign condition, it could be something more serious like prostate cancer. See your doctor to discuss treatment options and to make sure it isn't cancer or another medical condition (diabetes, infection, etc).
Several things. Prostate infections ( prostatitis ) can cause this. In older men, prostate enlargement ( BPH ) can cause this. There can be bladder problems that cause this as well as scar tissue in the water channel ( urethral stricture disease ).
Prostate. As a man, the prostate gland enlarges with age and causes obstruction to urinary flow from the bladder. This causes a man to urinate more frequently during the night. This is a normal sequence of events as a man ages but the symptoms are variable from person to person. An office evaluation is performed in these patients to evaluate for other more serious conditions such as cancer, scarring, etc.
Prostate. Under 40: infection of bladder/prostate/urethra; fluid intake; over 40: prostate enlargement.
Caffeine use. Many patients have urinary frequency due to caffeine use, however you should have a full workup to rule out serious prostate disorders before deciding this is the cause of your urinary problems.
Always abnormal. Frequent urination at night is a common symptom of men. There can be many causes, and it is always advised to seek the truth about why the urination has become more frequent. The problems can range from disease of the urinary pathway, prostate and also tumor and even cancer. Several diseases such as diabetes and enlarged prostate can be the cause. Each person requires a complete physical.
Several things. As a physician, i most worry about diabetes in one who has increased urination and thirst. However, for most men it is related to prostate enlargement.
It depends. Here are some causes for nightime urination. Sleep apnea, enlarged prostate, drinking too much in the evening or before you go to bed, taking water pills, cnogestive heart failure, remember women get up to urinate at night and they don't have prostates.
Prostate. Bph, benign prostatic hypertrophy.