Can OTC supplements help with my testosterone levels?

Exercise and sleep. The best way to boost your t levels is to work out 50 minutes daily and sleep at least 8 hours a night. Multiple studies show these 2 lifestyle changes will significantly improve a man's t level.
Low testosterone. Usually do not help. If you suspect your testosterone levels are low then see your doctor about an evaluation and help about this.

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What OTC supplements can help with my testosterone levels?

Suma Maca. Great herbs that over time will work are ginseng, dhea, suma maca, horny goats weed. You may find it faster to see your doctor for testing and prescription replacment while waiting on the herbs above to accomplish this for you www.Medac4u.Com. Read more...
The Facts. 1) an otc supplement is a food product. They are not supposed to nor do they treat any medical conditions....Including low testosterone syndroms {read the otc disclaimer} otc supplement makers are allowed to make unsubstantiated claims...They are not drugs 2) only prescription drugs have proven benefits. 3) if otc supplements had proven benefits, they would immediately be classified as a drug. Read more...