Can onions permanently damage your eyes?

No. There has not been any case report of permanent eye enjory due to exposure to onion.
No. Unless onion juice gets directly in your eyes, the burning feeling from onions does not do permanent damage to your eyes. The juice itself may be caustic and cause superficial burns to the cornea and conjunctival of the eyes which should be checked by an ophthalmologist.
No. Onions cause irritation but is not known to cause long term damage.
No. Can only irritate temporarily. No permanent damage. Enjoy!
No. Usually onio does not permanetly damage your eyes.
No. Onions, although they cause tearing of the eye, will not cause damage to the eyes. A cold compress can help to eleviate the symptoms of tearing and burning when cutting an onion. Also to avoid this all together, a cold onion is less likely to cause tearing when cut.
Stop the onion tears. While no damage will occur, that tearing is difficult to deal with, blurs your vision, and makes your nose run! avoid the tears by using either swim goggles, or buy onion glasses. These are clear glasses with a spongey liner around the rim. This keeps the fumes from getting to your eyes.
Cry but don't worry. The volatile chemicals released when cutting onions can irritate the eye. This causes reflex tearing, which flushes the chemicals from the eye. Onion juice is acidic and if it contacts the eye (from rubbing with onion covered fingers or getting squirted when cutting) it can cause a chemical burn. Flush the eyes with artificial tears or eye wash immediately and continuously, and go to the er.
No. Propanethiol s-oxide, a sulfur compound released as a gas from the onion reacts with the water in your tears to form sulfuric acid. While sulfuric acid can damage the eye permanently, I have never seen or read about permanent damage from onion vapor. Onions can also harbor fungi and fungal corneal ulcers have been reported in onion harvesters.
No. The onion releases a gas that is a form of diluted solution of sulfuric acid when it reaches your tear film.. This acid irritates the nerve endingson the eyes surface, making them sting. Tear glands produce tears to dilute and flush out the irritant. There is no permanent damage to the eye.
No. Onions may cause epiphora (running) due to the release of an irritant when cutting. This, however, causes no permanent damage to the eyes.
No. Onions cause a temporary burning and watering of the eyes but cause no permanent damage.
No. While onions do sting your eyes when cutting them. They do not do any permanent damage to the eyes.
No. Onions may cause burning and sever watering but will not cause permanent damage.
No. Onion fumes are irritating but not permanently damaging.
No. Onions irritate the eyes, causing tearing but don't cause any damage.
No. Onions will only temporarily irritate your eyes but not cause permanent damage.
No. No evidence of that has been reported.