How long does it take pink eye to go away?

Usually 2-3 weeks. Pink eye or viral conjunctivitis is usually an acute condition caused by adenovirus (like the common cold). Most cases will resolve in a few weeks but some can be prolonged. There are many other causes of conjunctivitis so any additional or more severe symptoms should be examined by your eye doctor.
Days or weeks! If pink eye is caused by bacteria, it will resolve in less than 7 days, usually 5. Antibiotic drops shorten the duration to around 3 days. Unfortunately, viral conjuctivitis is caused by the same types of viruses that cause the common cold. And just like a cold, they have to run their course. Patients are usually affected for 10 days to 2 weeks, and are very contagious for about 10 days.
Depends. Pink eye is a general non-scientific catch-all term for conjunctivitis. Most cases of acute conjunctivitis are of viral origin, and the vast majority of them improve over a week. Severe cases can take longer, and ophthalmologic care should be sought.

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How long does it usually take for pink eye to go away?

Pink eye. Normal pink eye due to a virus runs its course in 1-2 weeks. The duration due to other issues varies significantly. See an eye doctor. Read more...

Can you tell me how long does viral pink eye take to go away?

Weeks. Viral conjuctivitis usually has a two week course before the infection resolves. The ey may remain inflammed for several weeks after the infection. This can be controlled with antiinflammatory drops. Read more...