Are there any long-term effects of lasik surgery?

There can be. Lasik is a safe and effective treatment for certain vision conditions. The vast majority of patients end up with excellent results. The most common long-term effects of lasik include somewhat drier eyes and the potential need for touch-up procedures. Rarely, other vision issues can arise, so it would be wise to discuss lasik with a qualified eye surgeon in order to alleviate your concerns.
Yes. Yes! good vision! it appears for the most part, if you are a good candidate for lasik prior to the surgery, long lasting side effects are rare. The most common complaints are dry eyes and occasionally glare at night. If very rare instances, corneal instability could result, but fortunately this condition is not seen frequently.
Very few. If everything goes well initially, there are few long term effects of lasik. Rarely, patients can develop corneal steepening or irregularity (ectasia).