How old do you have to be to get lasik surgery?

FDA approval is 18. Fda approval is 18 years and a stable refraction (no significant changes over a year). Ideally 21 and older with a stable refraction.
Age for LASIK. Lasik can be performed at 18-20 years of age as long as the glasses prescription is stable.
18-21. Fda approval for some lasik lasers is 18 years old and other lasers 21 years old. A stable prescription is also a considering factor for surgery.
18. Lasik eye surgery is fda approved for people who are at least 18. In addition your eye glass prescription should be stable for 2 years prior to considering lasik. Some eye conditions make lasik not a good option. Your eye doctor is best able to help you decide when and if you are candidtate for lasik.

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How old do you have to be to get lasik eye surgery? B/c I have bad vision and would some day love to not have to wear contacts/glasses!

You are old enough. But still would need proper screening to make sure you are a candidate.
18 - 21. The fda says 18 for nearsighted and 21 for farsighted and astigmatism. More importantly is to wait until youreyes are stable, not changing from year to year.