I heard that you can't get lasik surgery if you have a dot on the side of your eye. Is this true?

Depends. It depends on what you mean by a 'dot'. If you have a growth on your cornea called a pterygium, which is a medical problem, this could affect your ability to have lasik. Most eye surgeons would take care of that first before giving you the refractive surgery. If the dot is a pingueculum, or sun damaged conjunctiva, then that might not be a problem.
Not necessarily. A dot on your eye may simply mean you have a pigmented lesion. It may be a sign of a serious condition, but that is rare.
No. A dot on the side of your eye could be many things but it is most commonly a pingueculae or pterygium. These do not disqualify you from having lasik but may have to be removed prior to surgery.
?Dot. I can't really say I have ever heard of a dot on your eye preventing lasik. Whoever tried to explain this to you has oversimplified it! please describe exactly (to the best of your ablity) what you are calling a "dot".
No. No necessarily. I believe you are referring to the growth that can occur on the white part of the eye which we refer to as a pingueculum. This growth can increase in size and interfere with contact lens wear. The size and extent of the growths vary and only your lasik surgeon will be able to tell you whether this growth will interfere with surgery.
No. Problems, if a dot is a problem , should be handled prior to elective surgery...But i cannot think of a problem similar to a dot that could not be addressed...And then lasik can proceed...Dr zuckerman.
No. I would have to speculate on what a "dot on the side of your eye" actually refers to, however in short cosmetic changes on the white of your eye or on your iris are not a contraindication for lasik surgery.