I heard about dream lenses. You wear it at night and it suppresses your eyes so that in the morning, you can see without contacts. Are these safe?

They can be.... What you have heard about is a type of lens called orthokeratology lenses. They can be used safely but can also cause corneal problems or infections. Currently there are two fda approved systems. Orthokeratology has a place for younger patients or those who can not or choose not to wear glasses or have refractive surgery.
Maybe. What you are referring to is called orthokeratology or ortho -k. The idea is to wear a rigid contact lens at night to reshape your cornea. The issue is that your cornea will rebound back to its normal state during the day so your vision will get progressively worse as it returns to the normal state. In many eyes this is considered safe, in some it is not. Very few people perform ortho-k.