If I pick my eye boogers with my finger, will I have more wrinkle on the corners of my eyes?

Eyelid Wrinkles. The lower eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on our bodies. It is also placed in an area that gets lots of sun exposure and so it loses its elastic and collagen faster then other areas. Also, the thick cheek skin causes wear & tear on the lower lid skin when we smile. All of these factors are probably more important in the cause of wrinkles on the lid then occasionally picking. Hope this helps!
Eyelid wrinkles. Manipulation of the elastic skin of the eyelid should not cause permanent damage or wrinkles.
No. You will not get more wrinkles. However, gently washing the lashes with a mild soap or commercially available eyelid scrub may decrease the formation of the crusting.
No. If you are worried about it though, try soaking your eyes with a warm moist washcloth and getting rub them out.
Possibly. It all depends on how vigorously you rub your eyelids. If you excessively rub the corners of your eyes, the skin in that region can become more lax after several years. This may lead to increased wrinkle formation. Gentle removal of the material, or washing it with artificial tears would be a better option.