What does it mean to get a schrimer's test?

Tear production. Schirmer's test is a basic test of tear production. Usually is technically a basal secretory rate since it's done anesthetized with a dried fornix, then tears collected on a paper strip over 5 min, measured in mm.
Shirmer's Test. A schirmer's tear test is a test done by your eye care provider to determine how many tears you make. The test is usually performed after numbing the eye with a drop so you do not feel the little test strips (or small pieces of paper) in the eye during the test. The test is 5 minutes long. It helps tell your doctor if you have a tear production issue.
A dry eye test. Schirmer's testing evaluates whether you have a form of dry eye related to the volume of water in your tears. Small paper strips are placed on the eyelids in order to absorb the tears; the doctor measures the degree of wetting that occurs on the strips in order to determine whether you have dry eyes.