What does it mean to have proliferate vitreo retinopathy (pvr)?

Complication. Pvr is the most common cause of failure for retinal detachment surgery. Some patients have a very active healing response which creates scar tissue that pulls the retina back off. Once pvr occurs, it needs to be treated with vitrectomy and possibly a buckle and silicone oil. It is possible that multiple surgeries will be needed to stabilize the retina.
See below. Retinopathy refers to a disease or damage to the retina. The retina is a membranous structure in the posterior aspect of the eye that contains nerve cells which allow us to see. Proliferative vitreoretinopathy generally refers to severe damage from diabetes although other problems can cause it. It requires prompt treatment from a qualified ophthalmologist! it can lead to permanent blindness.
Retinal scarring. Diabetes mellitus affects small blood vessel circulation all over the body. Some tissues can repair damaged small blood vessels, but the retina of the eye is not one of these. As circulation to the retina is deminished, the retina can become starved for oxygen, this prompts the retina to attempt to grow new blood vessels which, unfortunately, are weak and fragile and can cause bleeding in the eye.
Retinal scarring. Proliferative vitreoretinopathy is basically scarring of the retina. The retina functions like the photographic film in a camera and is where the picture is made in the eye. Bands of scar tissue on the retina can distort it and cause detachment resulting in a distorted picture. Treatment consisting of cutting or removing the scar tissue can sometimes improve vision.
Retinal scarring. Pvr is a type of scar tissue that is the body's natural response to a detached retina. It starts out as a thin, filmy, tissue that thickens and puckers and pulls on the retina causing it to detach again. Delicate vitreoretinal surgery by a retina specialist is required to remove it and it can grow back. Usually causes poor vision. Different from pdr in diabetic eyes which has blood vessels.
Retinal scarring. This is a condition in which scar tissue forms on the surfaces of the retina, usually following retinal surgery or retinal tears and detachments. It can significantly reduce the likelihood of a good outcome following retinal disease and can be treated only with extensive and delicate surgery by a retinal specialist.
See below. Extensive scarring of the retina from previous surgery or pathology such as diabetic retinopathy.