How can you tell the difference between scabies and herpes?

Scabies vs. Herpes. Herpes usually presents as painful, grouped or clustered small blisters. Scabies are usually very itchy and demonstrate linear red lines suggestive of burrowing. See a dermatologist and get an evaluation and / or biopsy for a definitive answer and treatment.
Appearance & where. Herpes rash is little blisters that break open to form an ulcer and is tender when touched. It is caused by herpes type 1 & type 2. Scabies is caused by a "mite", a bug, that tunnels under the surface of the skin. Scabies is not painful but itches like nothing else. Scabies doesn't form ulcers. Herpes is often on the face, genitals, or fingers. Scabies is often on the hands, arms, waist, or legs.