Is it safe to dance while pregnant?

Yes. So you want to dance? No problem, dance all you like. Wear good support shoes to protect your feet and back.
Yes. Yes it is safe to dance. It is best, though, to be careful because the physical changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy may affect your balance. Falls may occur if not careful and this can hurt you and/or the baby.
Dance pregnant. Some people even plays tennis at 6months, if their doctor checked and ok with that. But usually less impact sports during late months.
In a high risk pregnancy it should be reviewed on a case by case basis with your physician what exercise activities, if any, are safe and compatible with maintaining the healthiest pregnancy possible.
Yes. In general dance and many other forms of exercise are safe during a normal pregnancy. It depends on what type of dance--breakdancing would not be recommended. Typically, the level of dance or fitness you have achieved prior to pregnancy is safe to maintain while pregnant. Avoid exercising to the point of pain, shortness of breath, or discomfort and keep well hydrated during exercise activity.