How will my son dating a girl with HPV affect his life and sexual activity?

Possible HPV warts. Hpv is a group of viruses that are extremely common. If your son has not received the Gardasil vaccine and she has a history of genital warts, then he could be at risk of getting the strain of hpv responsible for warts. They would be visible, raised projections from the skin around the vagina, vulva, anus, thighs. Most likely, she has a strain of hpv found on pap smear but might not have warts.
Additionally. Although not generally compensated by insurance, male vaccination makes tremendous sense to protect males from further transmission of hpv and to protect them not only from venereal warts, but genital cancers (rare).

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Is it possible to have sexual activity once after HPV vaccine?

Not sure of? I am not sure what you are asking. HPV will help protect you from having infections from viruses that may lead to cancer cells on your cervix (part of the uterus that enters your vagina). However, I recommend safe sex practices that include condom use. It is also important you finish all three shots of the HPV vaccine. Then sex is your choice. Be safe.

I've never had any sexual activity besides masturbation (alone) & I have what I believe to be a wart on my vagina. I Had the HPV shot. Is this a wart?

Less likely but. Genital HPV can be contracted by non-intercourse sexual activity with a partner or by sharing sexual toys. In the absence of these activities, contracting genital HPV is uncommon but has been reported. The virus can live on surfaces other than skin for a limited time so it's possible, though very unlikely, to contract it other than sexually.

Been told I have low risk hpv to come back every 6months can it go away as early as those 6months w/o sexual activity?

More information. If you are 20 years old, there is no reason for you to have had a Pap smear. HPV can present as either genital warts or abnormal Pap. Low risk HPV is generally benign. Your immune system can suppress this, especially at your age. I don't think 6 months is appropriate (more likely a year). I would recommend Gardasil Vaccine. This will help protect against more high risk HPV strains.

Small HPV like bumps on the shaft of my penis, had even prior to sexual activity. Just barely off skin color. Smaller when erect. Any idea? I am 16

Probably not..., but. I assumed you're 16 and virgin. If so, the described lesions may likely be small moles, and its visible relative size may look varying resulting from skin stretch at erection and comparison to the engorged erect penis. So, if they don't hurt you and have no change in their number and configuration, leave them alone. If still in doubt, see expert timely. But ultimate determination relies on biopsy.