What do I have when my glands are sore and I have hive like bumps on face, arms, neck? I am 52 years old healthy female.

Bumps and sore gland. Based the information given it would impossible to make a diagnosis. The possible causes of the symptoms are too broad and other information about your symptoms your environment and your past medical history would be necessary to even venture a guess. You should seek out immediate attention if you have more ominous symptoms such as pain or fever and if your bumps or gland swelling does not go down in the course of 1 to 2 weeks i would definitely have an evaluation by your primary care doctor.

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I have sore glands and hive like bumps on my face, neck, and arms. What is it and what do I do about it? I am a 52 year old healthy female.

Sore glands. Typically, soreness of the "glands" or lymph nodes is suggestive of an infection. Hive-like rashes can occur from viruses. While an antihistamine should help hives, if symptoms persist or worsen, a healthcare provider can assist in specific diagnosis and treatment. Take a photo to show doctor. Read more...