I have a lump in my neck after recovering from chicken pox which started 5 weeks ago, what could this be?

Many choices. The lumo may be a lymhnode in respose to the chicken pox; however, it could also be unrelated. Best to let your doctor check you to rule out other problems.
Variable. Could be anything from a swollen lymph gland, to an infection, to a tumor. I would advise seeing a doctor. Drdavidsherer.Com.
Reactive lymph node. The lymph nodes are located all over the body & sift body serum & remove various particles, germs & debris. After a viral infection like chicken pox that opens areas of skin to contamination it is common for local glands(that may be the size of a pea at rest)to swell to the size of an almond or larger if they are working to clear debris.They should decline in size within 2-3 wks but don't go away.