Can lone star ticks carry Lyme disease?

Yes: And make U sick. Not only do lone star ticks transmit lyme disease, they do so faster than other ticks, according to stuff that I have read. I learned that ticks usually must be attached for at least 24 hours before there is risk of getting lyme, but not so for the lone star tick...In less than 24 hours of attachment you could get iinfected. The white spot on the tick is easy to see, so get to your md quickly.

Related Questions

How easy is it to get Lyme disease from ticks?

See details. If you get bitten by a deer tick, the chances are very good. If you are not, the chances are zero. The majority of deer ticks are infected with lyme organism.
Depends. Other biting insects other than ticks can also transmit lyme. Eg mosquitoes.

Are there some places that they have ticks but not Lyme disease?

Yes. Only deer ticks carry lyme disease, the common wood tick does not. There are areas of the country where deer ticks are not seen.

Why is a tick bite called Lyme disease?

Bite can lead to LD. Tick bites may transmit a variety of illnesses if the tick has been infected with a germ that uses the tick as a carrier. Rocky mountain spotted fever, tick bite fever & lime disease are some of the diseases that can be passed by ticks. Not all ticks carry diseases and not all bites will pass the germ.
It's not. A tick bite is not called lyme disease. Ld is an infection that can be transmitted via some ticks.

Today I got bitten by a tick, what are the chances that I have Lyme disease?

It depends on... This depends on many factors. What type of tick? (deer ticks are most likely to transmit lyme). How long was it attached? (it is unusual to get lyme unless the tick is on you for at least 24 hours, though it is possible to get it even if the tick is on for a short time; if on for 48-72 hours chances increase). Where do you live? (ticks have a much greater chance of carrying lyme in certain regions).
See below. If the tick was attached for less than 24-48 hours, the likelihood that you have contracted lyme disease is almost zero (i never say never). But watch for signs like a rash at the tick bite site, headaches, fevers, muscle aches, chills, fatigue, malaise, nausea and vomiting. If these occur, see you doctor.