What can I expect from a parathyroid removal surgery?

You need to clarify. Are you asking what to expect in terms of the recovery period or pain associated with surgery? Or are you asking how you will feel differently after surgery. Unless there is reason to suspect that you have men you should only have one gland removed and then the iopth level will confirm that you are cured.
Biochemical cure. In most cases, parathyroid surgery is done because one of the four glands is hyperactive. If the gland can be succesfully identified and removed, and there are no other abnormal glands, you should expect a biochemical cure of hyperparathyroidism immediately, .
Close monitoring. Surgeons will usuall leave an intact (or half intact) parathyroid gland as it's very important for calcium and phosphorus regulation. If all are removed, there will be life long need for calcium and vitamin d (active form) supplementation. There is preliminary and quite encouraging studies from use of near identical PTH replacement via sc injection in individuals with permanent hypoparathyroidism.