Diagnosed w/ hypothyroid 1 mo ago and on Synthroid (thyroxine) 25mcg but still have fatigue, what should I do?

Thyroid hormone dose. Thyroid disorders can become tricky to treat sometimes. Although you have been started on the thyroid hormone replacement but it is highly likely that this small dose may not be enough for u. U may need dose adjustment and also be told about the proper way to take the thyroid hormone ie on empty stomach at least 45 min before u eat. Hope this helps!

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I'm on thyroxine for hypothyroidism blood tests are normal but I still suffer from fatigue and brain fog, will these symptoms ever go away?

Unknown. Unfortunately, fatigue and "brain fog" are nonspecific symptoms that may or may not be related to your thyroid. Some patients have felt improved by taking t3 (liothyronine) in addition to T4 (thyroxine) rather than just thyroxine alone. You still want to maintain a normal thyroid level while on a combination of T4 and t3. Read more...