If I have an autoimmune thyroid disease would it not be detected in a basic thyroid screen?

Autoimmune thyroid. Autoimmune thyroid disease will not be detected in a basic thyroid screen which refers to T4 and a TSH and not thyroid antibodies. Autoimmune thyroid disease is detected by specific antibodies. Tpoab ( peroxidase antibodies) , tgab ( thyroglobulin antibodies) and trab ( thyroid stimulating receptor ab). Autoimmune thyroiditis is diagnosed by careful exam in conjunction with thyroid ab.
Yes. The way to check for autoimmune thyroid disease is to look for thyroid antibodies, specifically the thyroid peroxidase antibodies for hashimoto's thyroid disease and TSH receptor antibodies for graves' disease. These antibodies are not typically checked on a basic thyroid panel.
No. Your doctor needs to specifically order tests to look for antibodies that are directed against your own thyroid tissue.