I've been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, what should I expect now?

Symptoms? Many pituitary tumors need no immediate treatment. Usually when found, a hormone workup will be done and an endocrinology consult called as appropriate. Also, an opthalmological exam may be helpful to detect any small field cuts. Your neurosurgeon will orchestrate this.
Pituatary tumor. I would consult a neurosurgeon and an endocrinologist for information about what to expect. An endocrinologist will recommend necessary tests and treatment. The neurosurgeon will offer you alternatives to manage the tumor itself.
Tests. If not already done, an MRI to confirm the tumor, and determine the size of the tumor. Lab tests to determine if the tumor is causing too much or too little of any pituitary tumor. If the tumor is larger than 1 CM (10 mm) or is making too much of anything other than prolactin, surgery may be advised. Medical treatment is often used to correct low hormone levels, or high levels of prolactin.