What does it feel like to give birth?

Exhilarating!!! Obviously, i've never done it...But, I have witnessed enough to tell you it is nothing to be afraid or intimidated about! ricky lake and abby epstein just release the sequel to business of being born, called more business of being born. I went to the premier in la and it was amazing! watch the series of films and see for yourself. Everyone has a different and +/- gratifying experience.
Different for each. I have never found giving birth exhilirating. I did find it painful but not the worst pain I have had. It is a different experience for each woman. Additionally each pregnancy a woman has is different. My sons had larger heads and had long deliveries. My daughter had a small head and her delivery was relatively easy. The part that is exhilirating is holding your beautiful baby in your arms.
DELIVERY. Giving birth sometimes is difficult but happiness follows after baby is burn.