What is the difference between wilson's syndrome and wilson's disease?

Phony vs deadly. "Wilson's syndrome" is the invention of an independent medical thinker with no publication on the subject. People are asked to self-diagnosed based on a single low-normal body temperature reading and a huge list of symptoms. Wilson's disease is among the most treacherous illnesses to diagnosed, and if missed, produces a gruesome death. They're very different.
Two very different . Wilson's disease is an inherited disorder of copper accumulation in the body with liver and neuropsychiatric sypmtoms. Wilson's syndrome is an alternative medicine concept regarded as a hoax by mainstream medicine. It has low body temperature and allegedly impaired conversion of thyroid T4 to t3 (liothyronine).
Completely different. Wilson's syndrome is a condition of low body temperature and slow body metabolism, which overlaps with symptoms of hypothyroidism. Wilson's disease is a genetic defect of copper export, leading to accumulation of copper initially in the liver, and then by other tissues (especially the brain).