I think I have wilson's syndrome, what do I do now?

No enough info. if you have a sibling who has been diagnosedwith this condition, you need an evaluation By a physician knowledgeable in this rare autosomal recessive disorder like a metabolic or boochemical geneticist.
What do you mean? Wilson's disease is a very serious disease of the liver. "Wilson's syndrome" is a diagnosis given only by "alternative" practitioners which has no basis in reality and whose discoverer did not even publish in a real medical journal about his "great discovery". Well-intentioned people are urged to take their temperature and if it's low-normal or less, to self-diagnose. Don't fall for it.
See a hepatologist. A hepatologist is a liver doctor who should be able to confirm if you really do have wilsons. Wilsons syndrome can easily be tested.You should first get a ceruloplasmin level followed by 24 hour urine copper. If these tests suggest wilsons, you would get a liver biopsy. Wilsons can easily be treated if one does not have cirrhosis. Patients often take zinc to reduce body copper levels.
See your doctor. See a doctor and report your concerns. A doctor can do definitive tests to tell you if you have wilson's disease (copper accumulation) or some other ailment. Wilson’s (temperature) syndrome is an alternative medicine concept which is not recognized as a medical condition by mainstream medicine.