Will be baby be okay if I just found out I'm hypothyroid and low on vitamin d at 10 weeks?

Pregnant/delivered ? Thyroid hormine effects brain development & OB screening may pick up low levels. A fetus at 10wks is very early in brain cell formation which accelerates & peaks about 18 wks. Your OB can help you get into balance by then and things should go fine.Discuss this & other lab results with the OB &/or the staff. If you've delivered;baby makes his/her own and low levels would be picked up on nbn screen.
Yes. Fetal thyroid develoment is independent from maternal thyroid function.
Low thyroid. Your baby needs to be examined by your pediatrition in light of your deficiencies. Proper treatment is necessary to protect your child.
Probably. It is tricky to diagnose maternal hypothyroidism for the first time in the first trimester. The fetus relies on maternal thyroxine to cross the placenta and help its brain develop <12 weeks. However most women with significant hypothyroidism would not get pregnant in the first place (irregular and anovulatory cycles). See an mfm to discuss this asap. We do not know what normal vit d levels are!
Treat hypothyroidism. If you are truly hypothyroid (low thyroid hormone, not low tsh), then u should be treated with levothyroxine, followed at least monthly by your OB or endo. Untreated severe hypothyroidism can cause harm to baby. Nothing to worry about, but something to be taken care of properly.