Which doctors specialize in schizophrenia?

PSYCHIATRISTS. Most likely the primary doctor that deals with schizophrenia is a psychiatrist.
Psychiatrists. Psychiatrists have the most experience with diagnosing schizophrenia. A psychiatrist should be involved in making a schizophrenia diagnosis whenever possible.
Schizophrenia. I strongly suggest someone with schizophrenia be under the regular care of a psychiatrist, not an internist or family practitioner. As a psychiatrist, I have had specialized training and experience in treating schizophrenia. As a physician, i know how to treat a wide variety of conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, but choose not to do so as I am not an expert for those conditions.
Psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in schizophrenia. Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs, do talk therapy, and admit patients to psychiatric units at hospitals. Because many people have schizophrenia, most internists and family practice doctors are able to help take care of schizophrenia.