Can holistic doctors treat gall bladder disease?

No, not really. No "gallbladder flush". With or without gallbladder disease, healthy balanced diet is best. If you have gallbladder disease definitive and demonstrated treatment is surgery. The fear of occult "liver packed with gallstones" is really unsubstantiated and not supported. These links may assist: http://goo. Gl/6iiah and http://goo. Gl/1c7et and http://goo. Gl/5l7ya.
Yes. Gallbladder disease often responds well to holistic approaches. Diet, herbs, acupuncture, vitamins, minerals & enzymes can help. Many claim gallbladder flushes can help, though this is controversial. It is well worth trying alternatives, as the standard approach, gall bladder removal, is extreme and irreversible. If all else fails surgery can be done. See http://hbmag. Com/gallbladder-rescue/.
Sure, if. . . They are capable of performing surgery to remove the stone-containing gallbladder and verify that the cystic duct and common bile duct are stone-free after removal! Cholecystitis is a surgical disease in most cases!