What doctors can help me deal with anxiety?

Depends on severity. Many family physicians and others enjoy working with anxious patients, & can do basic counseling. Often, though, time for this is very limited in primary care clinics. Psychiatrists & psychologists are trained to deal with more severe cases, and can offer more time. Mindfulness meditation can be useful also. Check out "a mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook" by stahl -- it may help!
4 Knowledge/Skills.. Psychotherapy that goes beyond the line "tell me how you feel about that." first, u really do need someone w/training & expertise in treatment of anxiety problems/disorders. It's vital 2understand what anxiety is, how it ticks & what specific things can help if anxiety starts interfering with ur ability 2function & w/ur ability 2form/keep relationships. Great source info: http://www.Anxietybc.Org.
Anxiety. Anxiety is very common and can be treated by all physician.
Family doctor. A family doctor can deal with a variety of issues including anxiety. Try reading on mindfulness. It is proven to work without medication.