Is a psychiatrist the only option to treat my depression?

There R many ways... Out of a forest. Likewise, there are many ways 2 approach depression. Which path do u choose 2 explore 1st? There might be a physical basis for ur depression - like heart or thyroid problems. Ur depression may reflect dissatisfaction w/something in ur life, that u're lonely; that u have big stressors 2 manage; etc. Do u want to try medication? Or psychotherapy 4 new perspectives, new skills?
No. Depression is also treated with psychotherapy. However, the best treatment is a combination of both medications and therapy.
No. You pcp may help you, a liscensed counsellor or psychologist may help your. There are many mental health counsellors. Start with your pcp.
The best option. Primary care doctors do a 3 year residency after medical school and spend 2 weeks rotating through psychiatry. Psychiatrists complete 4 years of residency and do 4 months of medicine and 4 months of neurology. Unfortunately most psychiatrists and all pcp's are afraid of using emsam; low side effects, quick relief and no medication interaction or food worries.