Are the treatments of natural medication supporting doctors as effective as other doctors?

Unknown. Natural remedies can be marketed without any testing to see if they work or not, and most have not been tested properly. The few exceptions such as melatonin have become part of regular medicine.
Healthy Lifestyle. There is no question that most illness could be avoided if people would adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even after becoming ill, adopting healthy habits with exercise, balanced diet, and stress reduction can have dramatic benefits. But don't rely only on natural medicines to treat serious problems after an illness sets in.
Variable. "Natural" therapeutic products are still chemicals and they are not regulated by FDA like prescription medications so there is no quality control. They may also have other chemicals that are used to make the pill. The only OTC products I recommend are a balanced multi vitamin such as Centrum or equivalent and fish oil.
Yes. I explained to my children - as a md i give medication for high BP knowing it is going to damage their kidney. As a holistic physician i help them understand what caused the blood pressure and use remedy that resolves the problem. Only difference is insurance does not cover so it is cheaper for a patient to be sick, takes effort and commitment to be healthy.