What doctor could help me with tmj?

TMJ doctors. There are dentists with advanced training in temporomandibular disorders. Some have been trained in university based fellowship or residency programs. These are the doctors best suited to provide the most accurate diagnoosis and appropriate treatment. You can find these doctors at aaop. Org.
Many. Dentists train in this area. Not a specialty yet. Some focus on this area. Look for facial pain, ent, oral surgeons, too.
TMJ treatment. A primary care doctor (family practice or internal medicine) could help you. Also, some dentists have a special interest in tmj. Ask around!
Local Expert. A variety of dental specialists can help. Ask your dentist for referral. Oral surgeon, orofacial pain specialist, prosthodontist. Depends on your local expertise.
Dentist first. How do you know that you truly have tmj/tmd? Need to see a dentist first and then find out if you need to see an ent, another dr. Or a TMJ specialist.