How long do the symptoms of vitamin B6 toxicity last?

Some may fade.... When there is tingling, that may fade with time once poisoning with B6 stops. However, because B6 is toxic to the sensory ganglia and causes permanent cell loss there, the loss of balance tends to at least partly remain even after the poisoning stops. .
Depends. Vitamin b6, when taken usual therapeutic dose, is not toxic. It can cause significant adverse effects, however, if you take too much of it for a prolonged period. Depending upon the amount of vitamin B6 ingestion, toxicity ranges from nausea to dependence or permanent peripheral neuropathy.

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What is the toxicity of vitamin b6?

None. Vit b6 is hydrosoluble, any extra you take, it will be eliminated. Read more...
Tingling & pain. Vitamin b6 toxicity is exceedingly rare and usually only occurs at prolonged doses in excess of 500mg daily. However, some people are more sensitive to it and experience adverse symptoms at lower doses. Symptoms of toxicity include peripheral neuropathy - pain and tingling of fingers or toes. Stopping the supplement at the first sign of symptoms prevents permanent affects. Read more...