When I swallow or chew gum, my ears click. Is this normal?

Ear vs TMJ. Having popping/clicking TMJ noises not necessarily a problem. Many people experience these noises. Without pain or limitation of function the noise itself is not an issue. If you have locking or limited movement, "ear" pain, headaches, morning jaw stiffness/soreness, difficulty chewing, bruxism, previous jaw injuries or other jaw conditions, the problem is more serious. Then see a TMJ specialist.
See your doctor. Sometimes your jaw joints (TMJ) can click. Usually this is transient. If it continues for more than 2 weeks have your dentist examine you. Also you may consider not chewing gum as often.
Yes. This can be from either 1) the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) clicking right in front of your ears or 2) the opening/closing of the eustachian tube.
TMJ TMD. TMJ syndrome may cause ear pain, ringing in the ears, jaw locking, jaw clicking and pain behind the ear. Proper diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. See Orofacial Pain expert for a consultation and treatment options.

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Ears click everytime I swallow. Been happening for 8 years. What could cause this?

Ear clicking. Hello. The clicking sound is the palatoglossis muscle opening and closing the eustachian tube opening. This is the normal pathway that the middle ear allows for air to enter. This allows for an equalization of the air pressure in the ear to the atmosphere. Read more...
Eustachian Tube. Normal. Most people not aware of it, but ears click every time swallow if they pay attention. No treatment required. Read more...