How does allergies affect your ear, nose, and mouth?

Allergy symptoms. Most people know that allergies caused by allergic antibodies (ige) can cause itchy watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and clear runny nose but swelling in the nasaal cavity can also cause ear problems such as fluid build-up behind the ear drum. This can cause decrease hearing, pain or pressure, ringing and occasionally vetigo (spinning or dizziness).
Very much. Allergies result in inflammation of tissues due to inflammatory mediators released by antibodies reacting with allergens. As a result the nasal, oral and ear linings swell up causing congestive symptoms like nasal blockage, clogged painful ears and itching of throat etc.

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Have I got a sinus infection have been coughing and having a lot of green snot out of nose and mouth and now my ear is blocked should I go emergency?

Sinus. Sounds like a viral infection with ear, sinus and chest involvement. If your cough is bad, have a high fever or bad headaches you should at the least call your doctor or go to an urgent care.
Nope. You should be fine with doctor office visit. If you can not get a hold of your doctor go to an urgent care, store clinic or walk in clinic.