How does sudafed affect your ear health?

May not. Sudafed (decongestant) and anti-histamines and steroids have been shown in the literature to not affect ear health (promote drainage). There might be anecdotal instances of them helping but generally they are not effective.
Sinus decongestion. This reduces nasal mucosal swelling. The ears drain in the nose and if the swelling reduces withe med it will help the ears.

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How does rhinocort and sudafed affect your ear health?

Can help. If you have eustachian tube dysfunction (problems equalizing ear pressure) those meds can sometimes help. Sudafed is not a good medication for long term use, however, especially if you have high blood pressure or a heart problem. Discuss with your doctor or ent. Those medicines will generally not affect balance problems or hearing loss which is not due to fluid build up on the ear. Best wishes. Read more...
They are treatments. One is a steroid used to treat nasal inflammation and the other is a vasoconstrictor that helps with "stuffiness". Neither should be used chronically without the advice of a doctor. Used as directed i wouldn't think they would affect your ears. Read more...