I have a tickling feeling in my ear. Should I get it checked out by my physician?

Tickly Ear. A tickling sensation in your ear, could mean that the skin of the ear is dry, or that there is foreign material in your ear canal. A tickling sensation may also mean that an external ear infection (otitis externa) is beginning. Definitely have your physician examine your ears. Resist the urge to try to alleviate the tickle sensation by using a q-tip or other device to "clean" your ear.
Yes. Although this is unlikely anything serious, if it is bothering you, get your doctor to look into your ear and see what the problem is.
OTC ear drops. Sounds like a mild case of external otitis. Keep ear dry except for use of OTC ear drops. Ask pharmacist. No Q-tips. If symptoms persist or progress to pain, see ENT doc.