I have a sinus infection. I keep tasting blood in my mouth. Should I be worried?

Dry nose. If you don't have a frank nosebleed, the taste of blood may be from scant bleeding in your nose in the setting of sinusitis. This may be due to dryness. Humidified air, saline sprays, or saline irrigations may help .
Maybe. I would have the infection treated. But the blood is from the tissue of the nose and sinus cavities being inflammed and "friable" (more likely to bleed).

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Went to doc for sinus infection. Now I have pus on my tonsils and blood in my snot. Should I go back in or should I let it run it's course?

SINUSITIS. Did you just visit with the doc for suns infection or were you prescribed any treatment? You can repost with more information. If you are concerned and not being treated properly then you need to see a doctor. Read more...