What is the best way to get tonsil stones out of your throat?

Surgery. The best way is surgery. Another option is a long course (up to six weeks of antibiotics) to decrease the size of the tonsils and the pockets that allow tonsil stones to form.
Gargle. The mechanical action of gargling can dislodge stones. I recommend gargling 2-3x/day. Do not pick at the stones with q-tips etc, as that can cause bleeding and scarring.

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My throat is too sensitive I offen get tonsil stones n pain too I m non smoker/drinker, My tonsils r small I dont eat spicy. Y I've always throat prob?

You might. have gastroesophageal reflux with throat irritation. Get to an ENT surgeon. He can pass an endoscope and give you an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Read more...

Every now n then tonsil stones gets stuck to d left side of my throat. I hate the metallic taste n it is hard to get out. How cn I get rid of this 4gud?

See ENT. Tonsil stone is very common condition. Many small tonsil stones do not cause any noticeable symptoms. The larger stones can have a major symptoms like a bad breath, sore throat and earache. No symptoms no special treatment is required. If concerned see ENT for evaluation and treatment if needed. Hope it helps. Read more...

I have a small lump filled with yellow liquids in my throat. I often get tonsil stones I was wondering if they were related or what it could be?

See your doctor. Pain that severe needs to be worked up by your doctor in person. He/she will listen to you, perform an examination and possibly order some tests to see what's wrong with you. Read more...