What are tonsil stones? Are they dangerous?

Not dangerous. Tonsils "stones" - tonsil liths - are a collection of bacteria, sloughed cells from the lining of the oral cavity, and microscopic particles of food, that accumulate in the pits of the tonsil surface. They often are irritating, and contribute to bad breath. They are not dangerous. Some people have luck with a "water pik" to regularly remove them.
Not dangerous. They are little accumulations that develop within the tonsils. It may be from food or other proteinaceous material.

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Are tonsil stones dangerous?

Generally not. Generally not, but best to see your otolaryngologist if recurrent and symptomatic.
No. They're masses of keratin -- there's a propagated error on the internet giving a different composition. Get a penlight and a mirror and half-unbend a paper clip. You'll get good at it. Water pick is even better. If it's truly a nuisance, a otolaryngologist can laser-resurface your tonsils.

Are tonsil stones dangerous? Is there any health risk associated with tonsil stones?

Not really. They commonly cause bad breath, and can reflect chronic tonsillitis. Removal of the tonsils will solve the problem, but isn't warranted unless the problems are severe. They can be removed manually, but they almost always recur.
Tonsil Stones. They are not dangerous and pose no health risk. They are completely benign but may give rise to bad breath and/or a foreign body sensation.

How dangerous are tonsil stones? What can be the underlying problem? What is the solution?

Cryptic Tonsils. You get stones or particles in the tonsils because you have what are called cryptic tonsils. They have folds and holes in them that food particles get stuck in. You can gargle deeply or use a water pick to help get the particles out, but ultimately the treatment is to remove the tonsils. This is done if they are constantly or recurrently inflamed or infected, if one has severe bad breath.

The tonsil stones are all on one side and someone told me that could possibly be dangerous is this true. What shall I do?

Tonsiloliths. Tonsillitis are not harmful. If you do not have pain or sore throat along with the tonsilolith everything is fine. They sometimes appear more on one side than the other.
Not dangerous. Tonsil stones can be uncomfortable and can cause bad breath but they are not dangerous. You can removed them with a qtip or water pick. They form in small crypts in your tonsils when food gets packed in. The fact that they are only on one side just means the crypts are only on one side.

At the minute I'm suffering from tonsil stones, dizziness, tiredness change of voice. Is this dangerous? My tonsil stones are all on the same side...

Tonsil stones/dizzy. In and of itself not dangerous but are from recurrent infections and may be nidas for infection. Would seek medical attention today may have strep and need antibiotics, also f/u with ENT may wish to remove tonsils. Http://www. Webmd. Com/oral-health/guide/tonsil-stones-tonsilloliths-treatment-and-prevention? Page=3.