How can I know if I am pregnant?

Do a urine home. Or a blood preg test at your gyn's offcie at your age u should know that u can do a pregnancy test to find out.
Home Preg Test. If you suspect you are pregnant, purchase a home pregnancy test. Urine pregnancy tests have become very sensitive and are very good at detecting pregnancy and are similar to the urine tests performed in the doctor's office. If it is positive, schedule an appointment for initiating prenatal care with your ob/gyn.

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How can I know if I am pregnant or not defore i'd be able to make the test? Is there symptomps before my period is late?

Some do, some don't. Some women may experience early symptoms such as mild spotting (implantation bleeding), cramping, nausea, and possible some clear/whistish vaginal discharge, but many don't feel any until after missing a couple of periods. Blood test can show very early on, but a home pt typically shows a few days after late period--if pregnant. Sorry for a long-winded answer, but this is how it is. Good luck.
You cannot. There is no symptom that is consistent or reliable enough to tell, it's all just guessing. You just have to wait until you can test.

How can I know if I am pregnant, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day after my period ended last month?

Pregnant. Your not likely in the window of ovulation then. Get yourself an over the counter ovulation test predictor to help you time things better.

How can I know if I am pregnant? My stomach and head have been hurting. I can't sleep on my stomach. I have been wanting to throw up and I get dizzy

I. I will assume by the fact that you are asking, that you have had unprotected sexual intercourse. Classic pregnancy symptoms can begin at the time you first miss a period. So if you have missed your period, you can take a standard home pregnancy test. You can take the early detection pregnancy test even before the missed period.

How can I know that I am pregnant?

Easy. First after unprotected sex always have to worry about std s and pregnancy, most of the time may not get any symptoms, will miss the period, can easily be tested with home kit, and please see your gyn doctor.
Pregnancy test. If you had unprotected sex, try a home pregnancy test. You may have to test more than once.

How can I know whether I am pregnant?

Do a urine preg test. If - see a gyn and do a blood preg test.
Hpt. If you have been sexually active and have missed your period then you can go ahead and take a home pregnancy test (HPT) now. If negative and still no period would repeat HPT in a week. Take care.

Hi I am waffu my last periods where started at 28th december I had/having sex/intercourse since 8th january how can I know either I am pregnant or no?

It's pretty simple. If a woman with regular periods is trying to get pregnant, and her next period doesn't come, then she is likely pregnant. If she starts having early pregnancy symptoms a week or two later, and her period still doesn't come, she's almost surely pregnant. Most women do a home pregnancy test after missing a period (the tests are very accurate after missing a period).

How soon can I know that I am pregnant if 3 implanted?

Maybe 2 wks by HPT. Usually a woman missing her period is a sign of pregnancy and hpt usually turns positive after realizing she is late/missed her period, 2-3 wks after conception. So, I would suspect that after having implantation, 2 wks should show it. Blood test may show a bit earlier. Eat well, take your prenatal vitamins, and follow up with doc regularly as advised. Good luck.

How can I know I am pregnant baby boy or girl?

Pregnancy. Firstly a good pregnancy test will tell you if you are pregnant. Secondly if you want to know the sex - an ultrasound will help or an amniocentesis with genetic analysis (this is really not advised unless there is a compelling reason to do it).
Ultrasound. There are many old wives tales about predicting gender. None are helpful. An ultrasound after about 20 wks will often help assess gender if the technician is skilled.