I get my worst anxiety driving over bridges, how can I get a grip on this?

Start with a lesser. Kind of anxiety (those are implied when you say "my worst anxiety) & try, with a counselor's help, to gradually pick off the next more stressful situation untill you work on the phobia of driving over bridges. That's called desensitization therapy. There are occasions where a phobia is so severe, antianxiety medication from your doctor might be needed briefly to get started on the big one.
VRT for Phobias. Phobias and anxieties respond well to Virtual Reality Therapy(VRT). VRT is exposure therapy in a safe environment. The research suggests VRT is 90% effective. Seek out a therapist who uses VRT in your area. You can find providers through www.psious.com, www.limbix.com, or www.virtuallybetter.com.