In my 30's now and diagnosed as bi-polar but was a manic depressive at 13, don't want to take pills again, how can I cope?

Meds May Help. It is always good to pay attention to behavioral and environmental strategies to help you cope with your mood. For example, good sleeping habits, good nutrition, and consistent exercise are important. It also helps to have a good therapist and a support network of friends. However, please remember that bipolar disorder is related to biological changes in the brain, and meds may be helpful for now.
Follow scientific rx. Please let me know why you don't want to take pills again. Manic-depressive is an old name for bipolar disorder. Please rethink taking pills again, as bpd is a neurobiological problem that should be adequately and safely treated. See: http://www.Nimh.Nih.Gov/health/publications/bipolar-disorder-in-children-and-teens-a-parents-guide/complete-index.Shtml.
Bad . Is chronic remittent illness , if u comply with u medication, try to decrease u level of stress and avoid illicit drug use u can be stable.
You have received. some excellent input so far. Manic Depressive = Bipolar Disorder. Agree with input that you may tolerate medications better as an adult. There are a number of new medications available now - that weren't when you were 13. If you aren't in some form of non-pharmacological treatment - that is a must. Take care.