How many times a year is it normal to cry?

It depends on U. There is nothing wrong with crying it means u feel for others , but if u cry a llot u could be depressed. And i advice u to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist for evaluation and treatment.
No quota. There is no yearly quota on crying. Any of us may go through painful experiences, and tears can provide a natural release. If it's a lot of pain, we may cry quite often. However, if you're crying every day for weeks and this is interrupting your life, it's time to see your physician for an evaluation. You could be depressed or have grief that isn't healing. There is help if you need it.
No normal number. Crying is a natural emotion that occurs when elated ("tears of joy") or when very sad or depressed. There is not a normal "number" of times that crying is appropriate. More important is the cause. If something is bothering you to the point of crying, consider talking with your doctor, therapist or counselor about this and see what help might be available.