Is it hard to switch therapists and get comfortable with another one? Mine is moving..

Switching therapist? It is not easy to open up to a new person and share with him /her u problem . But if u try to establish rapport things can go smoothly.
Ask for a referral. Switching therapists (or even a physician) can be difficult if you have developed a strong professional relationship with that provider. Express your thoughts to that provider and see if he or she can provide you with a referral for someone similar. Although difficult, try not to compare your established therapist with another in a brand new relationship. Give it a chance to succeed.
Therapist. Usually in the beginning, especially if u had been with the first one for a while and it was working out. As u get comfortable with the new therapist who should have your old records and had reviewed them, u will continue making progress and transition fine. Good luck to you.