What are some healthy coping mechanisms to replace self harming?

Self harming. First, give yourself credit in having the ability to change your life in positive ways. You really can. Stay away from alcohol & drugs -- these affect your ability to make healthy decisions. When tempted to self-injure, reach out to a friend, contact a support group, or use relaxation/calm breathing methods. Dbt therapy may help - work w/therapist & get dbt skills workbook by mckay (see photo).
Positive thoughts. It's good to keep an index card with a couple positive thoughts on it and refer to it often when you feel like self harming and hopefully you will not self harm.
Self Abuse. Aerobic exercise for at least 40 to 50 minutes 4 to 6 times a week can change your brain chemistry for the better. Confiding in friends and giving to others gives a person a mental vacation from yourself. Also good diet and proper sleep as well as positive relationships are keys to better care of yourself. Best.
Self harming. Art work is worth a try. Also, staying physically active & in the company of ones u trust .
Coping w/self harm. It is always best to consult with a professional Clinical Psychologist to learn the coping mechanisms that will be specifically suited to you - not just generalized things you read about. This is a very personal matter and your issues are critical to discovering what will work for you. Hopefully you will find the right doctor with whom you can develop a healing relationship.