I have a great job and boyfriend, but can't seem to be happy, what's wrong? On depression meds but hate them.

Hard to tell. I would talk to your psychiatrist if you feel the antidepressants aren't working or if you would like to supplement them with some therapy to figure out what it is that is bothering you. However, don't feel discouraged if things should be okay and you still find yourself unhappy, transitioning into good things like a new job or new relationship can also lead to stress and anxiety.
We take med because. We need them not because we like them. If u medication not working talk with u provider. In addition med work 45percent of time, med and therapy can work 85 percent. Good luck.
Assess n treat. Only your psychiatrist or psychologist should give u personal diagnosis. In general if unhappy with meds or they are not effective discuss this with your doc. There are many types of antidepressants and u may be happier with another. Combination of meds and individual psychotherapy with a clinical psychologists is often more successful than either alone. May take that to figure it out;.